[Updated: 05 Nov 2012]
Today, The Odbo, is a Korean skincare cosmetic brand in popular demand. It is created to match its competitors like SK II, Loreal, Shiseido, Kose, Clarins. This is not just a rave version of SK II but a close substitute that gives the desire beauty with affordable prices. View the online reviews and give this brand a chance to prove that good skincare products do not necessary need to be purchased at a high cost. Usually, the Odbo products can only be bought in Seoul, but now you can get your order by emailing to us. Just state the product and quanity you require! :)


Specially formulated for skin brightening and soothing with 50mg of Vitamin C per pack.

THE ODBO GINSENG MASK  S$45 per 10 pieces
This fortifying Korean mask pack contains Ginseng, Collagen and Coenzyme Q10 which helps to firms up and improves the elasticity of the skin texture. 

THE ODBO: Sleeping Pack - S$47 per bottle

The odbo sleeping pack is particularly helpful for people with dry skin as it provides all night long great care for your skin. Simply put it on to your face before bed and then rinse it off upon waking up the following day.


This is a great skin moisturizer that hydrates your skin (especially for sensitive skins). Your skin will feel very soft and moisturized after each use. It is in gel form when applied to skin and it will change into liquid form where your skin will absorb the moisture. It is non oily moisturizer that ensures that your skin stays hydrated all day long. Use it twice a day (morning and night) for deep hydration and protection against skin aging and maintain skin elasticity
Use with THE ODBO: SLEEPING PACK for best results

THE ODBO: SUNBLOCK PACT - S$45 per piece
The Odbo Sun Block Pact, in unique power form, provides the necessary protections against harmful UV rays when outdoors. With SPF 50, it provides adequate long lasting protections against the damaging effects of UV rays thereby greatly preventing skin premature aging.

THE ODBO: BB Cream - S$47 per piece

The Odbo BB cream is created to provide protection especially to sensitive and acne-prone skins. It is particularly effective in protecting against harsh environments whereby the skin moistures is properly maintained leaving the skin smooth and radiant looking. It has the advantages of both skin care and makeup as it improves the skin's condition and evens out the skin tone while providing coverage for dark spots and other blemishes.


Ageing causes drainage of collagen; result in fine lines, wrinkles and sagged skin. ODBO Aqua Collagen Eye Cream is a formulated cream that does visible smoothing and revitalizes beauty.

Apply a proper amount around your eye and massage gently from the inner eye corner outward. You may go to bed after applying. 

THE ODBO: PHYTO AQUA CREAM - S$47 per bottle

A hydrating cream that is suitable for dry skin. This cream is made with natural Phyto oil which contains a high level of moisture. The heavy texture of the Aqua Cream is a good skincare product to fight wrinkles and aging skin.

Apply it in generous amount before you turn in and awake to find your skin to be looking more youthful.  Suitable for dry skin type.

THE ODBO: PHYTO AQUA TONER - S$45 per bottle

This toner is made with natural Phyto oil which contains a high level of moisture. The Olive and Grapefruit extract allows the toner to be quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving your skin moisturized and ready to absorb the rest of your skincare routine. 

Phyto Aqua Toner is also suitable for wrinkle care as it will keep your skin well hydrated and improves dull skin. Use during the day and night. For all skin types

Oxygen is vital to the skin as it helps to rejuvenate skin cells. As our skin is constantly expose to unwanted polluted air in our working environment, it caused poor cell respiration and metabolism, causing dehydration, dull and uneven skin tone, wrinkles, sagging and premature ageing.
THE ODBO: O2 BUBBLE CLEANSER is an oxygenating non-soap cleanser that reaches deep into the pores to detoxify the skin and removes pore-clogging debris. Feel the fizz and tingle of tiny bubbles as it gently deep-cleanses your skin while infusing it with vital oxygen. It will leave your skin feeling amazingly fresh and clean.

THE ODBO: PEELING GEL - S$47 per bottle

This is no ordinary peeling gel that you have seen in the market. It is colorless and painless to use. Simply apply some Odbo Peeling Gel on to your face and gently rub in circular motions. After a while, you will notice that your facial dead skins will be removed along with dirt and other unwanted particles from beneath your skin. No wash off required as it contain Catus Fruit essence which is rich in anti-oxidant & phytochemical that kill germs and bacteria on your skin. It is recommended that you use this facial peeling gel twice a week for best results. 

THE ODBO: THE NOBLESSE EGCG AMPOULE - S$120 per box (4 bottles)

This is an intensive skin immersion system for all skin types. It contains EGCG which boost the overall skin by stimulating cell renewal. It also prevents and corrects all signs of aging, uneven pigmentation, replenishing optimum resilience and overall skin balance. A box consists of 4 x 10ml bottles.  

THE ODBO: WRINKLETOX SERUM - S$120 per box (4 bottles)

The Odbo: Wrinkletox Serum will help remove wrinkles, spots, scars, blemishes as well as uneven skin contours of your face. Each bottle is meant to be completed in a week; thereby a box of 4 bottles is adequate for a month. A complete treatment cycle requires two boxes of the Odbo Wrinkletox Serum. Wrinkletox Serum comes in a box that consists of 4 x 5ml bottles. A perfect gift for mothers’ day!